Pour & Penchant Scented Candle NAIADS
Pour & Penchant Scented Candle NAIADS
Pour & Penchant Scented Candle NAIADS


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Sea Salt, Amber, Palm & Sea Minerals

Top Notes: Cardamom, Orange Peel
Middle Note: Sea Salt
Base Notes: Palm, Amber, Sea Minerals


Myths and Legends was created as a result of the challenging times we have experienced as a global community.  In the first of this series, we leverage unique makers with talents in ink drawing as well as handcrafted candle making to further inspire through our visual and olfactory sensations, creating a true work of art, representative of the boundless opportunities presented by the human spirit.

NAIADS. Naiads are water spirits, worshiped for the rejuvenating power of the spring, lake, river, or fountain which they each inhabit and oversee. Coming-of-age rituals in Ancient Greece would dedicate a child’s lock of hair to the local naiad. Usually seen as kind and generous spirits, naiads can also be dangerous if disrespected: sailors can lose their way if they become distracted by their beauty. As with all spirits in nature, their existence is not a prize, but a power that should be admired and cherished.


10 OZ Scented Candle; Original Artwork from Octoblue Art; Black Candle Paper Tube; Sun & Moon Decal.

All-natural coconut and apricot wax, cotton core wicks, phthalate free fragrance oils, and liquid candle dye. Our wax is sustainable, biodegradable, and vegan. Containers are recyclable and reusable.

Each candle is responsibly made and hand poured in small batches at our studio in Buffalo, NY.

10 OZ Burn Time 60 Hours, Double wick

16.5 OZ Burn Time 90 Hours, Double wick

Always trim wick to 1/4 inch before lighting and keep debris out of wax pool. Never burn longer than 4-hour intervals. Set the candle on a heat-resistant surface (or use a candle coaster) and avoid drafts. Always burn within sight and extinguish before leaving room. Don’t burn near things that catch fire. Keep away from children and pets. Don’t extinguish with water. Always let wax harden before relighting, touching or moving.

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Pour & Penchant multiple wick candles of various fragrances, vessels, and colors

Our Mission

We are a vintage inspired, handpoured, small batch artisan candle company. We endeavor to provide highly fragrant, clean burning and long-lasting scented candles.

Coconut & Apricot Wax

Coconut Apricot Wax is a premium, luxury wax. Our wax provides a clean, amazing scent throw, and a slow, even burn. That means more burn life for your candles.

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Double Wicks

Multiple wicks distribute heat more evenly across the wax's surface, creating a cleaner, more efficient burn with less wastage. Double wick candles throw scent better and fill larger spaces in less time than single-wick candles.

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