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Hand poured, all-natural coconut and apricot wax for a refined, clean burn and room filling fragrance.

We are pour & Penchant

A handpoured, small batch artisan candle company. We endeavor to provide highly fragrant, clean burning and long-lasting scented candles.

We pride ourselves on using sustainable coconut and apricot wax, phthalate-free fragrance oils, cotton core wicks, and years of meticulous craftsmanship.

Close up of a dark purple rose with green leaves in the background
Dark Rose, Ambergris & Labdanum
ambergris + dark rose blends decadent plum with labdanum for a sexy, sultry floral experience
Image of summer plums on a brown branch with green leaves and burred background
Spring 2023
Limited Edition
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What Customer's Are Saying


SMELLS OF SWEET SPRING! I had to wait to light this Veranda candle until I gave my daughter Parlour and Terrace for her Birthday yesterday! Veranda smells like oranges and greenery. Very bright and clean smelling candle. Perfect for Spring.

Lisa P.

GARDENER'S DELIGHT! One of my favorite scents of summer has always been the smell left on my hands after working my tomato patch. It's what I miss most during these long, dark, Buffalo winters. I used to long for that smell, but not anymore, because I've found it in this candle.

Dorthy B.

TOTAL SOPHISTICATION! How we love Library! The rich smells take over like a good book! Make me picture a room full of rich mahogany, old books and leather couches! Love, Love, Love Library!!

Dave D.

BREATHE DEEPLY! This is such a calming scent, I find myself breathing more deeply, slowly, when it's lit. While not overly strong, it fills the room with a soft, relaxing aroma. This is the third time I have bought this candle, and I hope Pour & Penchant never stops making it!

Catherine C.

BEST CANDLES EVER! Love this candle! It smells so good and burns super well. My only regret is I didn’t buy more. Just put an order in for Mother’s Day for my mom. The owners are super nice and helpful too. These will be my go to candles from now on.

Heather M.