Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Pour & Penchant a different kind of brand? 
While we appreciate luxury brands and scents, we also recognize these candles can be very expensive for the typical consumer who likes to pamper themselves. We wanted to achieve a highly fragrant, long lasting, affordable candle for the educated, cost conscious consumer, but also something that every person might enjoy.

What is the inspiration for Pour & Penchant?
A number of scents from the Victorian era are starting to make a comeback, and we know why.  We use a number of different types of scented natural oils, including musks, florals, spices, and aromatic herbs, to create rich and complex experiences showcased through our candle collection.

What do you like most about candlemaking?
The process itself, and the ability to create an artisan candle that makes for a joyful environment for those who burn them.  The primary value we believe our business brings to your home is comfort, stress reduction, and peace of mind.  The world is filled with enough problems...we want you to sit back and enjoy.

What is a Scent Story?
A scent story is the process of combining two candles together to create an aromatic experience.  From time to time we will sell candle packages we believe create a combined effect; that is, the scents themselves compliment each other but are best contained in separate candles.  The harmony of these combined scents create a heightened experience...your very own scent story.

What types of candle wax are used in Pour & Penchant's candles? 
A blend of soy, coconut, and food grade paraffin round out the waxes used for our candles.  We have found this blend provides the basis for greater fragrance diffusion. The scent will fill up a room in seconds and continues to do so long after the candle has burned out.

Are your candle waxes safe?
According to the National Candle Association, the widely recognized leading technical authority on candle manufacturing, science, and safety: "Validated scientific studies have shown that all major candle waxes exhibit the same basic burn behavior and produce virtually identical combustion byproducts, both in terms of composition and amount. To date, no peer-reviewed scientific study has ever collected or analyzed any emissions data on any candle wax, including petroleum-based paraffin, and proven them to be harmful to human health."

Can you describe the scented oils you use?
We use a proprietary combination of fragrance and essential oils that are phthalate free. Phthalates are a group of chemicals that can be found in things like pharmaceuticals, building materials, cleaning products, and other household goods.  Many of these chemicals have been found to cause a variety of health concerns, and so we made sure that the fragrances we were using within our products were ethically responsible to our customers. Each candle contains approximately 10% fragrance oil, as that is the maximum amount the wax may hold within our four step pouring process. Additionally, we are a Prop 65 compliant company.

Are your candle wicks safe?
We use cotton core wicks, not lead.  Lead was officially banned in the US in 2003. While metal core wicks are safe and non-toxic, we prefer cotton core wicks for the reason that they burn more efficiently and reduce carbon buildup. 

What should I know about basic candle safety?
The most important things to remember are never leave a burning candle unattended, always keep them away from anything that could potentially catch fire, and keep them out of reach of children and pets.  You can find more about candle safety on our page Handle Your Candle. 

My candle burns with a lot of soot and flickering.  Is this a product defect?
If you are experiencing a lot of flame disturbance, or soot/smoke/ash, most likely it is because your candle is near an open draft, or your wick is too long.  It is important to always keep your candle in well-ventilated areas which are not drafty, as well as trim your wick to a 1/4 inch prior to each use of your candle.

Why does my candle look frosty? Is it drying out?
No, your candle does not dry out. Frosting is a natural characteristic of soy based candles. It is not a flaw. It is unique to candles made using soy or parasoy blends. Often times it is called the "bloom". Frosting is a way you can tell if a candle is really made with pure, natural soy wax.

Frosting does not affect the scent throw or the burning properties of the candle. You can safely burn a candle with a bloom without worry. Frosting is a particular crystal growth of vegetable oils. It will cause the candle to look dry, which is simply a characteristic of that crystal structure, but has nothing to do with the candle "drying out". To minimize frosting, try to keep your candle out of direct sunlight and florescent lighting. Even changes in the weather an shipping can cause additional frosting. It is almost impossible to stop the soy wax from blooming.

What causes the white marks on the glass of my candles?
Occasionally, white marks may appear on soy candles due to the nature of the soy wax. The tiny, white looking crystals on the tops and sides of jars are called frosting and are very similar to the frosted look on chocolate. This is a natural characteristic of soy wax and should not be treated as a flaw. It does not affect the quality or burn of the candle.

What is Pour & Penchant's commitment to the environment?

At Pour & Penchant we are committed to doing our part as it relates to our environment.  That's why we have created clean burning candles without the typical black residue you might experience with other brands.  Additionally, our commitment to you is the following:

  • We will always strive for packaging that utilizes biodegradable materials, when costs and resources provide.
  • We encourage you to reuse your candle tumblers for other things, like storing smalls in your kitchen, bathroom, basement, garage etc.  They are perfect for paper clips, hardware, cue tips, pens/pencils, small toys, etc.
  • We will always be open to cost-effective solutions and feedback relative to how we can continue to provide quality products for our customer's benefit.

Why is Pour & Penchant headquartered in Buffalo, NY? 
While the Founders have lived in Chicago for nearly 25 years, they were inspired by the renaissance and redevelopment of the city of good neighbors.  Buffalo continues to grow as a cultural and business center, while remaining a community that is wholly supportive of local brands. It was a pleasure to headquarter the business from one of the Founder's hometowns.


If you have additional questions please emails us at or our online contact form.