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Why We Use Coconut & Apricot Wax

Coconut apricot wax is considered a luxury candle wax for several reasons.

First, it is an all-natural wax, which means it is free from harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients that may be found in other candle waxes. This makes it a healthier and more eco-friendly choice.

Second, coconut apricot wax has a lower melting point, which means it can release fragrance more effectively than other waxes. This allows luxury candle makers to use a higher concentration of high-quality fragrance oils, resulting in a more robust, longer-lasting scent throw.

Third, coconut apricot wax is beautiful and creamy, giving candles a luxurious look and feel. The wax is also very smooth and has a great "melt pool" when lit, which means it will burn evenly and last longer than other waxes.

Lastly, coconut apricot wax is more expensive than other candle waxes, another reason it is considered a luxury ingredient. Using coconut apricot wax in candles can result in a high-quality, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing product, which is why it is often used in luxury candle-making.

Pour & Penchant candles are hand poured in our Buffalo, NY studio.

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