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What Makes A Scented Candle Room Filling

Several factors can affect the strength of a candle scent, including:

  1. Type of wax: Coconut & Apricot wax tend to hold fragrances better than paraffin wax.

  2. Fragrance concentration: The amount of fragrance oil used in the candle can greatly impact its scent strength. Generally, candles with a higher fragrance concentration will have a stronger scent.

  3. Wick size: The size of the wick can also affect how much fragrance is released. A larger wick will produce a stronger scent, but may also cause the candle to burn faster.

  4. Burn time: Allowing the candle to burn for a longer period of time can help the fragrance to fully release and fill the room.

  5. Room size: A larger room may require a stronger scented candle to fully permeate the space.

  6. Placement: Placing the candle in an area with good air circulation can help to spread the scent around the room.

  7. Storage: Properly storing candles can help to preserve their scent. Keeping them in a cool, dark place can prevent the fragrance from fading over time.

Our candles are poured by hand in our Buffalo, NY studio using all-natural coconut and apricot wax.

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