Room Filling Fragrance - Pour & Penchant

Room Filling Fragrance

How we achieve our room-filling fragrance:

The wick of scented candles is an essential component in determining candle throw. Thicker cotton and paper core wicks tend to have a stronger throw than thinner metal-cored wicks, which will produce a weaker scent. At Pour & Penchant, we use all-natural cotton core wicks.

When it comes to wax, you can find scented candles made with vegetable and paraffin wax. While paraffin wax is more affordable, it doesn't produce a room-filling fragrance. Vegetable-based scented candles burn more evenly and provide a stronger candle throw. At Pour & Penchant, our all-natural coconut and apricot wax provides a clean-burning, long-lasting, and highly fragrant candle with little to no soot when adequately maintained.

Fragrance oils are also crucial in producing a strongly scented candle throw. Higher-quality scented candles use more concentrated essential oils, while cheaper aromatic candles like those found in drug stores have synthetic fragrances that are not as strong.

Lastly, the container of scented candles will also affect their throw. Candle containers of thick glass or ceramic help hold heat and distribute the fragrance evenly throughout the room.

By understanding the components that affect candle throw, you can make an informed decision when selecting scented candles and be sure to get the room-filling fragrance you desire.

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