Light A Candle - Pour & Penchant

Light A Candle

It’s been a tough couple of years for all of us.

Along the worn path, we’ve lost someone or something on this journey…we’ve been forced by fate’s hand, in one way or another, to accept this change. And for some of us, this acceptance of uncertainty has allowed for Becoming…it has allowed for rebirth, our own personal renaissance…a new discovery of potential for the next chapter of our lives.

At times unknown, lonely, and dark. This hard thing has taught many of us that sometimes the only light left in the world is OURS. It comes from our strength and our determination and our ability to say YES to who we are and what we want and where we want to take our lives. It shows us what’s possible if we stare into it long enough.

Whether it’s a single flame in honor of a lost loved one, a broken relationship, an uprooting of life…let it be the reminder that the fire within our souls is what keeps us on the path.

Don’t lose hope friends…nurture your flame. Let it dance on the walls, let it reflect in the glass…let it warm you and the others you love beside you.

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