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Let's Talk About Essential Oils

Do you use essential oils? No.

Why? Most Essential Oils (EO) are not formulated for use in candles, and when exposed to a flame can become toxic or even explode. We only use fragrance oils (FO) that are specifically designed and tested for use in candle making. All of our fragrance oils are FREE of: phthalates, carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, and organ toxins.

There is a general misconception that EO are better than FO and that is simply not true when applied to candles. EO are best used as they were designed—in bath and body products and in small percentages do they do not cause skin irritation.

EO in candles will result in the following observations: weak fragrance throw, potential fire hazards and may release toxins into your environment. Our priority is our customers health, creating a high quality product, and educating our buyers to make informed decisions on the products they bring into their home.

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