Hello Autumn! - Pour & Penchant

Hello Autumn!

Since our launch in September 2019, one of Pour & Penchant’s most widely ordered candle is LEAVES no.05 Our intent with the creation of this fragrance was to provide the essence of autumn in your own home, with a long-lasting, fragrant candle that evokes the spirit of the season.

The combination of apples, cinnamon, cedarwood and guaiac wood produces a spicy and comforting day out in the crisp, refreshing autumn air.

The reviews are in!

“They just arrived and they smell amazingly delicious!”
“The candles were carefully and perfectly packed and smell amazing!”
“The scent is wonderful and crisp! Bonus is it burns slowly, unlike other multi-wick candles that burn fast and with a weak scent. You have a repeat customer!”
“I truly love it. I’m picky about packaging and you nailed it! The scent is delicious.”

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