WHAT: Join us to learn how to create your very own candles! Pair your candle creations with custom candle coasters from Loaded Lumber - that you will make yourself! Class includes 2 candles and 2 coasters.

WHEN: Saturday, March 12th 6PM - 9PM; and Sunday, March 27th 10AM - 1PM

WHERE: Loaded Lumber; 223 S Park Ave; Buffalo, NY 14204

CANDLE WORKSHOP, FRAGRANCE OPTIONS: We will offer your choice of 6 NEW candle fragrances for our upcoming candle workshops. The fragrance options are: Woodsy, EMBER WOODS; Floral, HAWAIIAN LEI; Clean, VIOLET & IRIS; Gourmand, FUNFETTI; Citrus, CITRUS SMASH; Fruity, MELLON MADNESS.

You may pour 2 of the same fragrance or mix and match options. Beginner level. No experience needed. All materials and supplies will be provided.


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