3 Reasons Our Tomato Patch Candle Bestseller! - Pour & Penchant

3 Reasons Our Tomato Patch Candle Bestseller!

1. Unique and nostalgic scent. Our Tomato Patch no.07 candle offers a distinct aroma that stands out from more common summer candle fragrances like floral or fruity scents. The scent of tomatoes may evoke memories of gardens, fresh produce, or cooking experiences.
2. Earthy and fresh aroma: Tomatoes have a naturally earthy and fresh scent, reminiscent of a sun-ripened tomato plant or a tomato vine. This scent can create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere, especially for those who enjoy the outdoors or appreciate fresh scents of nature.
3. Conversation starter. Our Tomato Patch no.07 makes a great host gift! Tomato-scented candles can be seen as unique and unexpected, creating a point of interest and potentially making a gathering more memorable.
Pour & Penchant multi-wick scented candles are poured by hand in our Buffalo, New York studio. Made in the USA.

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