The Vintage Game Collection - Pour & Penchant

The Vintage Game Collection

Say HELLO to the newest year-round bestselling candles, Vintage Game Collection. All nine fragrances are now a permanent collection. 

If you’re a fan of vintage board games, you have to try these!

As a part of the Vintage Game Collection, rooms are represented with a specific scent! Our bestselling Library blends notes of Leather, Antique Sandalwood, Golden Oak & Tonka Bean. Discover the distinct and rich fragrances of antique sandalwood and soft leather brought together by the sweet and earthy blends of oak, musk, and Tonka.

Was it Colonel Mustard with the revolver in the Study or Miss Scarlet with the lead pipe in the Library, or perhaps Mrs. White in the Conservatory with the rope? 

February 2023

Library no.09
Conservatory no.12
Study no.71
Kitchen no.75
Billard Room no.17
Ballroom no.58
Dining Room no.70
Lounge no.79
Hall no.86

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