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Repurpose Your Candle Jars

If you are a candle addict like us, you undoubtedly have a sprawling collection of burnt-out candles stored away. We encourage all of our customers to identify creative ways to reuse their candle jars to reduce waste. Below are a few fun and easy ways to upcycle and repurpose your old candle jars.

First, remove and clean the wax from the jar. To learn how to clean a candle jar, visit our post, How To Clean Out A Candle Jar on our website.

5 Ways to Reuse A Candle Jar

1) Easily organize the office smalls on your desk by storing pens, paperclips, and other office supplies.

2) Keep bathroom smalls and beauty essentials handy in one place, from cotton balls to Q-tips or nail polish, lipstick, and makeup brushes.

3) House your kitchen essentials, from sugar to salt or coffee beans and satchels of tea.

4) Home Decorations. Use a small string of battery-operated lights to create an accent light.

5) Bring your space to life. Build a terrarium or window container garden. Succulents and small plants will stand out on a coffee table or nightstand and bring a room to life.

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