Our Newest Luxury Fragrance, RARE EARTH no.10 - Pour & Penchant

Our Newest Luxury Fragrance, RARE EARTH no.10

Eighteen months in the making, our RARE EARTH no.10 fragrance is the ultimate atmospheric experience. Inspired by the forest floor after a rainfall, this unique and evocative fragrance conjures up walks in a dampened forest after the rain.

rer-'ərth  |  Rare Earth was coined when a Swedish miner unearthed an unusual rock in 1788. The ore was called “rare” because it had never been seen before and “earth” because that was the 18th-century geological term for rocks. The scarcity of these minerals led to them being called rare earth.

Scent Profile: Petrichor, Reindeer Moss & Golden Oak, Under dark clouds, the smell of earth after rain.

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