The Apothecary Collection - Pour & Penchant

The Apothecary Collection

At Pour and Penchant, we strive to provide you with new and exciting ways to burn your candles. We are thrilled to reveal our new Apothecary Jars, complete with a wide array of aromatherapy fragrances to help you ease everyday stress and tension.

“Apothecary” comes from the Latin term “apotheca”, meaning storehouse, and were vessels originally used by early pharmacists to display luxury goods in order to impress their customers. They contained functional, medicinal and herbal products and were handblown by skilled glassblowers and artisans. In the Victorian era, the technique was difficult and time consuming, but produced jars of unequal character, presence, and esteem. Since we are obsessed with scents from the 18-1900’s, we thought it only appropriate to have matching jars!

You’ve come to know the quality of Pour & Penchant candles because of their extended burn time, quality of wax and clean, even burning. The Apothecary Jars have the same level of intense, robust fragrance and burn time as our signature collection, only these candles are primarily focused on uplifting the spirit and awakening the senses. Our wellness scents, curated with the finest fragrance oils including peppermint-eucalyptus, fresh sea salt, and lavender sage, are made especially with your comfort and well-being in mind. 

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