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Meet The Veranda!

Gardens. Sunshine. Walks in parks, raindrops, and clean air. These are the things we have been longing for all winter, and soon enough, they will be fast upon us!

Let us introduce you to the one of our bestsellers! The Veranda a bright, vibrant scent, as if you're sitting outside on a sunny, breezy day, with not a care in the world. Tantalizing and delightfully refreshing, the fresh citrus aroma of pomelo and blood orange paired with ginger and green leaves enhances the effervescent quality of this juicy citrus.

Here is a peek into our world of candle-making. It is an intense labor of love to create batches of hand-poured candles, especially your summertime favorites including, Veranda, Tomato Patch & Beach House!

These steps include:

1. Melting coconut and soy waxes to create the perfect composition.
2. Infusing maximum fragrance oils into the wax at the ideal temperature.
3. Delicately pouring each multi-wick candle for perfect glass adhesion.
4. Setting the candle from a liquid to a solid, in the right environment, and with the perfect texture.


Tomato Patch 3-Wick Garden Mint and Tomato Leaf Scented Candle

Veranda 3-Wick Blood Orange and Grapefruit Scented Candle

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