Customer Spotlight: Janna - Pour & Penchant

Customer Spotlight: Janna

Janna is one of Pour & Penchant’s regulars, and we loved learning a bit more about her and her experience with the candles.

What’s your favorite candle and what do you like most about them?

LIBRARY. It reminds me of a well-read, leather library book. It’s exceptionally fragrant and I burn it down the to the bottom! I keep it in our entryway foyer and the cold throw, or fragrance without the candle being lit, fills the whole house!

Some of my other favorite candles include:

    • CONSERVATORY is like walking through a flower garden in full bloom.
    • BOULANGERIE I light for weekend brunches and mimosas!
    • LEAVES reminds me of a long, comforting walk in the woods.
    • FRASER FIR my go-to holiday candle that I gift to everyone.
What I like most about Pour & Penchant are the scents and the branded vessels. I connect well with the variety and the branding.

How do you typically use your Pour & Penchant candles?

I use them mostly to relax and create a mood. I have a variety of fragrances for different aspects of my daily life. I also enjoy combining fragrances together, as some of them really compliment each other well! I immediately notice the scents after lighting them. Truly some of the best I’ve ever purchased. I also give them as gifts because I know they will burn evenly, last a long time, and people will enjoy the scents.  

Has Pour & Penchant achieved our mission of creating a highly fragrant, long-lasting and affordable candle?

Yes! There’s always a proper balance of fragrance and a good melt pool after about an hour of burning it. The scent immediately fills a space. Everyone I gift them to loves them. You guys are my go-to now!

Customer Spotlight Janna sitting in front of Pour & Penchant 3 wick scented candles

JANNA  |  Chicago, IL


  • Janna Retzler

    Awesome story, guys! Glad to be a part of it! You know I will be coming back for more once this pile in the picture is expired! I also just recently took to cleaning and keeping the vessels, which I had not tried before. I imagine in the near future a giant stack of empty glass vessels!

  • Cathy Battaglia

    Love the candles and the candlemakers!

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