Customer Spotlight: Anna - Pour & Penchant

Customer Spotlight: Anna

Anna was one of our very first Pour & Penchant customers, having supported our small business from the onset. With an emphasis on quality, refinement and setting a mood, she finds our candle experience to be one of enjoyment and uses it to support her overall well-being.  
Anna's favorite candles include: Tomato Patch, Fraser Fir (for the holidays) and Veranda, of which she uses for various occasions.  
What does Anna enjoy most about Pour & Penchant candles?  "They are highly fragrant, and within 10 minutes they fill our home.  I light them on my patio, and they fill the air brilliantly. They are unmistakable: the fragrances are true to the descriptions, and I'm confident in ordering the candles even if I'm trying them new for the first time." 
While Anna uses them personally for her yoga and mindfulness practice, she also gifts them regularly to her friends and family because of the universal appeal of the candles.  

"If you're a first time buyer, I would recommend Lavender Sage and Leaves, but I find that Veranda and Swept Away are enjoyable for almost any individual."

Thank you Anna for sharing your love of candles with the rest of us!
Anna  |  Naples, FL


  • Julie V.

    As a friend of Anna’s I recently visited her in Naples where I was introduced to these absolutely amazing candles. She gifted me “Lanai” but I was able to smell so many other that she had placed throughout her home. I had to have some more of my own. I’ve placed my first order for “Grass”, “Frasier Fur” and my favourite scent “Tomato Patch”. I can’t wait to fill my home with the aromas of these beautiful candles. These are going to be my go-to gifts for friends moving forward as well. Thank you Anna for introducing me to pour & Penchant!

  • Rania Bolotok

    Anna has gifted me 3 candles so far and I’ve loved all of them! My favorite is Tomato Patch! They’re great and most importantly, not overwhelming!

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