All Natural Cotton & Wooden Wicks - Pour & Penchant

All Natural Cotton & Wooden Wicks

WICKS! Not all wicks are created equal. We use a variety of wicks from multiple suppliers in various sizes to achieve our desired fragrance throw. Proper wicking is critical to a highly fragrant candle with a slow and even burn.

The wicks pictured above are all-natural, flat-braided cotton with paper threads woven into the cotton and designed to ensure a consistent burn with proper fragrance loads, especially with softer, more viscous natural waxes. No lead or zinc in our wicks...No way!

We use nine kinds of wicks across 107 fragrances in our multi-wick candles. Different wick families burn at different temperatures, and pairing the proper wicks with the correct fragrance load is vital to pouring a perfect candle.

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