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Let's Talk About Fragrance Oils

Let’s talk about fragrance oil percentages. There is a misconception that the more fragrance oil used in candles increases the hot throw. False.

Sure, you have to use a certain percentage to achieve a solid throw; however, adding more fragrance doesn’t make the candle any stronger. It will have the opposite effect—low scent throw, poor burning issues, and increased soot.

So how do we achieve our gang-buster scent throw? Well, that’s our secret. However, in their proper percentages and correct wicking for our vessels, our premium coconut and apricot wax and fragrance oils achieve our intended result—the amazing, room-filling fragrance from the first burn to the last.

Every maker has a different formula and will use different fragrance percentages based on their materials. What works for one brand may not necessarily work for another. My point is, When someone says, “We use double the fragrance oil,” buyers should be skeptical because this statement is false. Not all makers are the same. We use different materials to achieve our intended results which means our formulas will be different, and that is ok. Those differences in recipes make each brand unique.

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