Dances Of Light - Pour & Penchant

Dances Of Light

This is one of the first pictures we ever took when we first started making candles. As is good practice, we tested several wicks to ensure burn duration, efficiency, and safety. The candlemaker is highly systematic and takes his time with each candle he hand pours because he wants you to enjoy the experience.

This was a moment in time when the dream was becoming a reality, when a small kitchen became the Hub for a growing business, one born directly from a strong mission and dedication to the craft. We test our wicks and candles regularly to ensure quality control; and we will continue to do so to ensure you have the best experience with your multi-wick scented candles.

Pour & Penchant will be launching seventeen new candles to add to the collection this spring and summer. We have a total of sixty scents to choose from crafted by the Pour & Penchant brand.


Pour & Penchant multi-wick scented candles

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