$2 OFF Your Next Candle Purchase

How The Vessel Recycling Program Works ... 


  • Only large 16.5 OZ multi-wick and 10 OZ medium multi-wick tumblers are eligible for our recycling program.
  • We no longer accept the Apothecary Jars.
  • Our white single-wick tumblers, glass single-wicks, and multi-wick hexagon vessels are excluded from the recycling program.
  • Each vessel MUST have the Pour & Penchant bottom label attached. Front labels are not required. We will not accept vessels from other candlemakers.
  • One to One recycling
    • Bring one vessel in for $2 off the purchase of another multi-wick candle.
    • Bring two vessels in for $4 off the purchase of 2 multi-wick candles.
    • Example: Bringing in 10 vessels does not equal $20 off one multi-wick candle. However, you may bring in 10 vessels for $20 off the purchase of 10 multi-wick candles.
  • No limit to the number of vessels that can be recycled in a single transaction or the duration of the promotion.
  • We are NOT accepting vessels that are shipped. Increased UPS/USPS carrier rates make shipping vessels cost prohibitive.
  • Vessels do not need to be cleaned prior to recycling.
  • Broken or damaged vessels will not be accepted.
  • Lids are not required. You may keep the lids.
  • $2 vessel return dollar amount does not carry over to future purchases. Must be claimed at the time of purchase.
  • Vessels have no cash value outside the vessel recycling program.
  • Vessel recycling credit only applies towards FULL priced, in-stock Pour & Penchant multi-wick candles with a retail value equal to or greater than $26.50. Sale items and Limited Edition candles are excluded.