September 2021


...  continued from company update

What are we doing to mitigate these industry spikes and protect our retail candle prices?

  • Absorb increases for as long as we can before passing any price increases to our customers.
  • Increased our pallet counts so we can secure wax and materials at the lowest prices (today is always cheaper than tomorrow when it comes to candle making)
  • Use a trusted shipping broker to get below-market rates for our freight in this inflated market. Lack of drivers + fuel shortages are resulting in historical highs for carrier costs.
  • We offer 55+ fragrances and will continue to maintain a full “in-stock” position, so we always have the candle you need when you need it.

What do you get? You get a highly fragrant, fully sustainable, clean burning, multi cotton core wicked, coconut and apricot 16 oz. hand poured candle for $25.00. That’s a heckuva lotta candle for that price point, and you’re not going to get it anywhere else. We will be offering 10 oz. single wick candles for $18.50 and the gift wrapped tri-candle selection (each 5oz.) for $30.00. 

Online September 9th we will showcase a holiday preview of select fragrances for purchase. This is a limited production run and quantities are limited. Our full holiday collection will be available after October 23, 2021. Our holiday preview is available online only while supplies last.

We strive to achieve our mission every day: to make quality candles at reasonable prices. We hope you experience that mission in each and every candle you light in your home or gift to a friend.

Thanks as always for being a customer of Pour & Penchant!