Hand Poured Scented Candles in Buffalo, NY - Pour & Penchant

Hand Poured Scented Candles in Buffalo, NY

4 reasons why purchasing scented candles made in Buffalo, NY is important. 

  1. Supporting Local Businesses: By purchasing candles made in Buffalo, NY, you support local businesses and the local economy. 
  2. Quality and Safety: Products made in the USA are held to higher quality and safety standards than those made in other countries. 
  3. Environmental Impact: Sourcing products locally can also positively impact the environment, as it reduces the amount of transportation required to get the product to the consumer. 
  4. Cultural Connections: Finally, some consumers may feel a connection to Buffalo, NY, or the USA more broadly and want to support products that are made in their home country or region. This can be especially true for items like candles, which can have a strong emotional association with particular places or times of the year.

At Pour & Penchant, all our scented candles are hand poured in our Buffalo, NY, studio, and we proudly source all our materials from suppliers based in the US.

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