Image of workstation preparing the annual review of our scented candle company

2022 Company Review


We are not some vast, multimillion-dollar company with loads of capital and inventory at our disposal. Our sales dropped quite a bit this year, supply chain issues plagued us, and carrier costs went thru the roof. However, our 2022 Holiday Collection sales blew the rest out of the water, selling more in a few weeks than our Best Sellers did all year. Our three areas of consistency are returning customer rate, average order value, and units per transaction. This proves that our customers are top-notch, and your support is very apparent.

Since 2020 our supply costs have tripled, our carrier costs have increased by 350%, transaction and administrative expenses have doubled, and market and event fees have increased on average 125%. While we pride ourselves on competitive pricing, the cost of our production tripled in two years. Since August 2022, the actual retail price of our 10 OZ candles has been $32.50; however, to wait out inflation, we offered our candles for $26.50. On January 1, 2023, our candles underwent a price evaluation; we hope this will be the last increase for a while.

We have discovered some stale sales in our bestsellers, so we will be reorganizing all collections in 2023 to make room for new and exciting blends to be introduced to our seasonal collections. In the next few weeks, we will quietly retire 75% of our candles and only offer fragrances when seasonally appropriate.

In the future, we plan to embrace the slower moments, downsize with intention, and remember what made our mission so magical: Creating a long-lasting, clean-burning, and highly fragrant candle experience. Here is another great year, and we thank our entire candle family for your continued support.

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